In the old testament, they built altars whenever God did something amazing or gave a promise. And I realized a few years ago that the reason for these altars was literally to be a reminder. Because so easily we forget that God defeated the gods of Egypt and parted the red sea and instead we look at the fact we are thirsty and in the desert. Do we not know God? Have we forgotten so quickly? Or does the enemy snatch the seeds away before they can ever bear fruit? Either way, building altars (writing the stories down) how could the devil ever snatch that away. Ok so I guess technically my computer could die or there could be a virus that eats all my files… but even the act or writing these stories down, solidifies in my mind that these things actually happened. God actually intervened in my life. Calling me into deserts and up mountains and through storms across the top of the water.

So I hope that what you pull away from this isn’t that these are cool stories or interesting facts, but that God is Immanuel… yes, specifically Immanuel with an ”I”. That He is God with us and He desires to be personally involved in your life. Deeply sown into the fabric of your hopes, desires, dreams, hurts, sorrows, joy and mission… He desires you, my beloved. He desires to paint a picture with you that makes the whole world gasp in awe. Each brush stroke is a story, and when you open your eyes and write them down… how could He be anyone else.

If you have a story “altar” to share, let me know through the contact page.


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