Hearing God

There was a point in my life when I first realized that I really wanted to hear God’s voice. I kept praying about it and kept finding “God’s word” (Scripture) as the answer in random places. There was a mirror where a verse was written that talked about hearing God through the Bible. And at a different point in time I was at a sermon and at the end the pastor mentioned a story. In the story, a girl had come up to him after the service and asked how she could hear God’s voice. (At this point, I started paying even closer attention because that was exactly what I had been thinking about doing). He said that he told her to read the Bible, and so I did. But even during this time, I wasn’t sure what that meant. I wasn’t sure how the Bible would help me hear God’s Voice.
And so I still stressed. One night in particluar, I was writing everything down. I was so worried about listening to the wrong voice, and not being able to hear God. I was worried about failing astray and being deceived; about doing things wrong and messing it all up.
To kind of focus, I started writing down my thoughts and then wrote down whatever popped into my head next as if God was answering. Finally, I found myself in tears because I was desperate and I wanted an answer right then. But then I wrote down,
“I have caught your every tear…will I not also catch you?”
It had come through my thoughts, so it wasn’t really spoken, but it caused me to pause because it was phrased as a question. In the Bible, sometimes God phrases things as a question, almost as if He is constantly asking, “Do you trust me? Do you have faith in me?”
The second reason I paused is because I realized that if God could have said anything to me in that moment, that was exactly what He would have said. This is what I had learned, because of what I had read about God’s character in Scripture. And so in that moment, I made a decision that has affected me ever since:
I decided that God had just spoken to me.
I gave Him credit for this random thought, and then went to bed.
Now, I don’t hear God speaking to me as clearly as Moses and Abraham in the Bible, but ever since I gave God that credit… I’ve heard Him and seen Him working in my life all over the place. These stories I am writing down are the times I have seen God intervene and speak to me in my life.
Fast Forward four and a half years.
I was sitting in a cafe and reading through the Psalms, when I reached Psalm 56.
vs. 8 “You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?”
vs. 15 “For you have delivered my soul from death, yes, my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.”
I suddenly got chills as I realized what it said… sure it was paraphrased, but the main thoughts were the same. And I realized that it really had been God all those years ago. He really had been with me.
See, the God of the Bible desires for us to know Him. He will reveal Himself to us and as we get into the His word we will learn more about who He was = who He is = who He will always be.

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  1. I enjoy your open view of how God speaks to us! Thank-you for sharing! I am new to blogging and I want you to know that I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You can find the details in my latest post. Hope you are having a great day!


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