Don’t give up yet

I had a garage sale yesterday. Mostly furniture so people didn't really have to stop. I watched as all the cars drove by at a slow pace, glanced over the few items and then drove off without a second glance. By 3pm I hadn't made $15. I wanted to pack it all back up in... Continue Reading →

Why do you want it?

One time, I was in a class where we did a visualization meditation. We were told to visualize a happy and safe place and so, of course, I started picturing a meadow that was basked in yellow from a sunset. Interestingly, before the facilitator even prompted if anyone was there with us, Jesus walked into... Continue Reading →

Beloved, I pray that as God waits with you wherever you are at right now, that He reveals His overwhelming, reckless love for you with an everlasting peace that shakes the foundation of lies leaving the cornerstone, which is Christ.

Reasons I should have known

I mentioned in a previous blog that while I was waiting to get into medical school, there were lots of little reasons that I thought I would get in. Well here are some of those reasons/mini altars: I almost didn't finish my application. I had gotten worn down by all the secondaries and was discouraged.... Continue Reading →

Father, wrap your truths around me like a warm blanket, that protects me from the chill of the enemies lies.

Do you love me if…

A few weeks ago, I had planned to wake up early to read my Bible, but when the time came, I slept in. So I asked God, "Do you love me if I'm not a morning person?" To which He replied, "Of Course I do. Do you love me if you aren't a morning Bible... Continue Reading →


Helix was an answer to prayer. I knew medical school was going to put me in one place for several years so I figured that made it a good opportunity to get either a cat or a dog. I've had cats and they are less work/more independent, so I was leaning that way, but couldn't... Continue Reading →

May 1st

You may not know this, but May 1st is the day that premedical students in the USA have to narrow down their acceptances to one school. Thus that day is when a lot of seats in medical schools start opening up and the schools start calling students on their waitlists. Having only been interviewed by... Continue Reading →

Your Joy is my Strength

Your Joy is my strength Your Love makes me brave Your Peace steals my worries Your Truth gives me courage   Your Light lifts my soul Your Plans bring me home Your Name is my Hope Your Life made me whole   Oh Lord, please never let me go.

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