Let’s Watch a Movie…

I remember my freshman year of college, I was in my dorm room not wanting to study. I really just wanted to rest and watch a movie because I love movies. So for some reason, I don’t know why I said it, but I asked God if He wanted to watch a movie with me.... Continue Reading →


That time I pulled the “daughter” card…

In college I took a lot of science classes and one semester I was in two different lab classes as well as working in a lab. Instead of buying multiple lab coats, I just used the same one. Well on evening at around 1:30am I realized that I had left my lab coat in the... Continue Reading →

His Love for You

One time, I was playing catch with my cat [yes, my cat plays fetch] and the toy has a little loop on the end, almost like it was supposed to be an ornament. Anyways, I was throwing it across my apartment when suddenly it hooked itself on a door knob. Now having spent a few... Continue Reading →


Happy Easter! This is a day where we celebrate fulfillment of the long expected salvation from sin through Jesus' sacrifice. We look forward in anticipation to the day when we will see Him face-to-face. And in between that, we will wait for many different things: relationships, jobs, children, emails, answers to prayer, guidance, paychecks, etc.... Continue Reading →

Let me grow you…

I remember when I was asked to be a children's leader for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). The leadership meeting met pretty early Friday mornings and I was taking classes in college at the time, so I told them I would think about it. Right after that, I started driving around randomly and praying to God... Continue Reading →

It isn't the fact that God has perfect timing. It's the fact that He makes time perfect.

The Butterflies in Life

I remember one family vacation where we went out to get food and I started getting frustrated. By the time we got back, I was angry and I don't like being angry. I actually can't remember why I was angry but I do remember walking back from the car to the hotel. I kind of... Continue Reading →

If the word "impossible" crosses your thoughts, then you probably aren't looking at God.

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