When God bought the Evenstar for me

One Christmas I went on Amazon to buy gifts for my family. At the time, they had a deal where if you spent over $35 you could get free shipping. With the two items I was going to buy, it was about $7 away from $35. So my options were either keep the two items... Continue Reading →


Hearing God

There was a point in my life when I first realized that I really wanted to hear God's voice. I kept praying about it and kept finding "God's word" (Scripture) as the answer in random places. There was a mirror where a verse was written that talked about hearing God through the Bible. And at... Continue Reading →

Lion of Anger

We were preparing for a skit practice and my friend was kind of in charge, but there was confusion about when we¬†were meeting. I had hoped to have lunch with my grandma since she was in town, but my friend insisted that we had to start immediately. And so I went straight to practice, foregoing... Continue Reading →

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