Helix was an answer to prayer. I knew medical school was going to put me in one place for several years so I figured that made it a good opportunity to get either a cat or a dog. I've had cats and they are less work/more independent, so I was leaning that way, but couldn't... Continue Reading →


May 1st

You may not know this, but May 1st is the day that premedical students in the USA have to narrow down their acceptances to one school. Thus that day is when a lot of seats in medical schools start opening up and the schools start calling students on their waitlists. Having only been interviewed by... Continue Reading →

Your Joy is my Strength

Your Joy is my strength Your Love makes me brave Your Peace steals my worries Your Truth gives me courage   Your Light lifts my soul Your Plans bring me home Your Name is my Hope Your Life made me whole   Oh Lord, please never let me go.

Thankful for the Balrog

I was watching the first LOTR yesterday and had an interesting thought. It was the scene where the Fellowship was in the mines of Moria and found themselves surrounded by goblins. Suddenly, the Balrog comes which scares all the goblins away. And then I thought, "They would've died if the Balrog hadn't come." I mean,... Continue Reading →

When God says yes

In undergrad, I actually decided to take 4.5 years to graduate and so from early on I knew that I would have this random spring semester before hopefully starting medical school. I prayed for that semester several times. I prayed that I would get to do something different than what I had been doing during... Continue Reading →

His heart

Hearing God can be a struggle. Sometimes, I over think to the point that the anxiety makes me want to do nothing and hide. One time, I finally just blurted out, "God, I am worried that I can't hear you, that I am not in line with your voice." To which he replied: "But you are... Continue Reading →

When God says Wait

There were many reasons to think that I was going to get into medical school, some more valid than others lol. I'll have to write a separate post about those, but the reality was that God had me wait. And I was embarrassed and uncertain since I only had one interview and there were all... Continue Reading →

Are you waiting for God's promise by staring at the promise... or by staring at God?

Morning of Sunshine

I love sunrises and sunsets, which probably has to do with my love for the color yellow. Anyways, sometimes I wake up and watch them with God. There was one morning in particular when the sunrise pushed through my window so that I opened my eyes to a room bathed in golden yellow. It was... Continue Reading →

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